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How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps

How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps

Let’s face it, you’ve probably been working way too hard.

Forget about all of those years toiling away in obscurity

Forget about putting in your 10,000 hours of practice to master your craft.

In fact, forget about creating any creative work at all, now it’s all about becoming famous for the sake of being famous.

Somewhere along the way, fame has become a goal in itself.  It’s not necessarily to become a famous musician, a famous writer, or a famous artist — it’s simply enough to become famous.

Creative artists have always been provocateurs.  Artists such as Picasso, Duchamp, O’Keeffe, Cerny, Pollock, Banksy, Christo, and Hirst specialized in works that stir the emotions and push the boundaries (and buttons) of their viewing audience.  Their primary purpose, however, was never simply to get attention, it was an attempt to alter our perspective and offer us something new using their own unique creative voice.

Now having said that, why does it feel like so many of us these days are just screaming to get attention?

Breaking through the Background Noise

Look I get it, the internet is getting awfully crowded.

Now that virtually everyone has their own Twitter account, Facebook page, YouTube channel, and blog — it has become harder than ever to breakthrough the background chatter and get ourselves noticed.  We’ve got more news outlets and low-cost ways to spread our creative work around than ever before.

What seems to be disappearing, however, is our attention.

So what happened?

There are no spectators any more.

You have to remember that not that long ago there were only a handful of television channels, movie studios, and music recording companies out there.  They produced the content and we dutifully watched, listened, and purchased whatever it was they created.

It didn’t even have to be all that good because we only had a few choices available to choose from (unless of course, you were one of those weird “book readers”).  They had the professional actors and musicians, and we were the spectators. They performed while we sat on the sidelines clapping and purchasing our tickets.

Back then we even watched the commercials on TV because we were simply too lazy to get up and change the channel.  It was the glory days of Mad Men and everyone played their part — They talked and we listened.

But here’s the problem….things changed

No one is listening

The world wide web has changed all of that.  There are no more spectators sitting on the sidelines waiting to be entertained because we all to some degree have become content creators ourselves.

We are now so busy creating and sharing our own content that we don’t have the time to notice anyone else’s stuff.

We update our blog, we blast out dozens of Facebook and Twitter updates daily only to discover that fewer and fewer people are listening to what we have to say.  So we end up spending the majority of our time talking about (and to) ourselves.

It’s kind of like Thanksgiving dinner, where everyone is talking at the same time but no one is really listening.  We are simply talking over one another. The conversation around the table keeps getting louder and louder until you can’t even hear what you are saying yourself.

In economics, this is called the law of diminishing returns.  In other words, the first person to start shouting in a quiet room is almost guaranteed to get noticed.  Maybe even the second of the third person as well–but as soon as everyone in the room starts shouting, nobody can hear anyone and we just tune it out.  Unfortunately, it seems that we have now reached that point online where everyone is shouting to get themselves noticed but nobody is bothering to listen anymore.

When everyone is standing, nobody can see

So in this type of environment where there is already so much noise and commotion, how can anyone ever hope to stand out and get themselves noticed?

Well this all comes back to the title of this post which is  “How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps”
(you weren’t sure we’d actually get back there did you?)

So here it is…. the secret to getting yourself noticed online is to shock your audience into paying attention to you.

Shock & Awe

Let’s face it, the fastest way to get attention is to scream

Shock = Attention = Fame

As you can see, our formula here is fairly simple. If you want to become famous, you’ve simply have to find a way to get people’s attention. Once you get people’s attention, you become famous.

You see fame (unlike talent) is nothing more than capturing someone’s attention.

Shocking people by doing something stupid and outlandish used to be the province of disc jockeys, graffiti artists, and Jerry Springer but now it has apparently become mainstream.

So not only is Picasso famous for his artwork but now so is the idiot who walked into a museum and vandalized one of his paintings.   It doesn’t take talent, hard work, or skill to become famous.  All it really takes is the ability to capture someone else’s attention by doing something completely unexpected.  It doesn’t even matter whether you do something “good” or something “bad” to get attention — the result is exactly the same. 

Fame you’ll be famous, as famous as can be, with everyone watching you win on TV, Except when they don’t because sometimes they won’t. ~Dr. Seuss

And it’s not just beginners who are struggling to get noticed, it’s also those who may already be famous but want to become even more famous.  Do you think that it’s merely coincidence that so many washed up celebrities publicly announce the fact they are checking into rehab or “accidentally” leak a sex tape.  Even these B-list celebrities understand that fame demands attention, and if they are no longer getting enough attention, they need to do something that will.

As a culture we used to try and hide these little indiscretions, now we go out of our way to record and publicize them.

This tried and true formula has revived the careers fame of countless actors and musicians who have then gone on to a lucrative second career in reality television.  After all, everyone loves to tune into Bravo and watch a good celebrity train wreck because it makes us feel morally superior to these idiots and their self-serving shenanigans.

Okay, that’s great, but what if you’re not already a washed up celebrity?  What are your options?

Well lucky for you, there have been plenty of other people who have used controversy to worm their way into our collective consciousness. In the process, they’ve left us a detailed blueprint on how to become famous for being infamous.

So without further adieu, I bring you…

The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming Famous with Minimal Effort

Step 1.) Do something incredibly stupid and obnoxious to attract attention to yourself

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box here. This can be in the form of a video, stunt, hoax, or just good old-fashioned vandalism.  Keep in mind that as a culture we have become somewhat desensitized to people doing stupid things from years of watching people do stupid things, so try to think big.

Step 2.) Be sure to record your act of stupidity and publish it on YouTube.

Remember that recording and documenting your act of idiocy is not optional here. These days if you don’t capture something on video, you might as well go back to live in your primitive cave of obscurity.

Famous Idiot Exhibit #1

It’s the whole tree falling in the forest kind of thing.  This isn’t 2005 and nobody wants to sit down and read about it in some old-fashioned newspaper, they want to actually see it happen so they can shake their head in disbelief as they are clicking on the share buttons.

Although it’s true that you might get fined or arrested for your stunt, don’t worry about it because you will also get your name in the papers, the blogs, cable news channels, and other ridiculous websites (like this one) that have nothing better to do than to give you more free publicity.

Just make sure that they spell your name correctly.

Step 3.) Get rewarded for your idiocy and bask in your new-found fame

Congratulations you are now famous!  Please keep in mind, however, that although your fame may be immediate, it is far from permanent. So while you are soaking in your 15 minutes of fame, be sure to be thinking about your next public spectacle of stupidity. Because as much as we enjoy watching your personal train-wreck on YouTube, there is always another idiot just around the corner waiting to shock and amuse us.

Then again, there is nothing wrong with fame itself.

Don’t get the wrong idea here. There is nothing wrong with being famous. Just as there is no inherent goodness from spending your life toiling in obscurity.

Being famous doesn’t make you any better of a creative artist. In fact, those who achieve a certain amount of fame often feel trapped by it (I know boo-boo right?).  As soon as someone achieves some degree of fame and success, however, the temptation is always there for them to stick with that same tried-and-true formula, instead of risking potential failure by trying something new. They find themselves suddenly trapped in a creative rut because of the expectations of their audience. 

I never wanted to be famous. I only wanted to be great. ~Ray Charles

Fame is (or at least should be) the public recognition that you have achieved some degree of mastery in your chosen profession.  What fame shouldn’t be, however, is a goal in itself.

So maybe we should stop wasting all of this energy trying to get ourselves noticed and perhaps spend some of that time working on becoming a better creative artist.

Despite what you may have heard, there are no shortcuts.

There is no “easy” button.

You just have to sit down and do the work.

What do you think?

  • What is your take on our celebrity obsessed culture?
  • Do you think we are sending the wrong message by rewarding art vandals with their own gallery show?
  • When exactly does getting “noticed” and marketing ourselves as an artist cross the line?

About the Author

Drew is a writer, teacher, and head custodian of the Skinny Artist creative community. You can also find him online at where he writes about fitness, nutrition, and his continuing battle with father time.

Bravo! (as in a shout of approval, not the cable channel).

    Thanks Frank! It’s always a pleasure to hear from you my friend :)

Great article.
So true.
So sad.
So ciety.

    Thanks Jimmy for stopping by and for your kind words. It really is a bit sad that it has come to this. I’m hoping that eventually we’ll stop rewarding and start ignoring these idiots but I’m not exactly sure if/when that’s going to happen.

Haha, for a while there I was wondering what the h”ck the article was all about… funny!
Yes, the celebrity culture is truly twisting the heads of the young people, which is the saddest
part of it to me. There are two different kinds of people – those who care about celebs and those
who don’t. I fill my life with those who don’t and let the others waste their time. But I think you make
an important point here, it is important to speak up about this issue because most people seem
to be wandering around in a haze, drugged by media.



    Thanks Elinros for stopping by and sharing the article with your cousin. I do think that it’s a bit sad that we’ve become so celebrity obsessed as a culture. As I said in the post, I’m all for mastering your chosen profession and in the process being rewarded and recognized by your peers, but this these idiots now attempting to piggyback on the fame of other artists by vandalizing the works of Picasso (and more recently Rothko) just strikes me as more than a little desperate.

PS I am going to send a link to the article to my 13 year old cousin who is crazy about celebs…

    ..because through hard work she WILL become famous one day and I just want to
    make sure she doesn’t fall for any short cuts… xx

I love your sarcasm…You are so right…I’m a young artist and I struggle to learn how to do things…I want to concentrate my energy to improve my work, but in the same time I want to be noticed and that means I don’t have enough time to do what I really love…Great article:)

    Thanks so much Simona for your kind words. You’re right, it can be hard to know where to draw that line between working hard to get noticed (aka marketing) and just trying to get attention. Now obviously this Picasso vandal went way too far, but even for the rest of us who may have a little more common sense, it can be difficult to find that delicate balance between self-promotion and making a complete ass out of your self ;)

    Karen Mitchell

    Great article!
    I’m an artist, growing illustrator and almost finished my diploma. Marketing myself while improving my skills etc, has been an ongoing chore for the past 5+ years now.
    I find myself often commenting on peoples You Tubes, Facebook posts and comments “The things people do for attention!” and quite frankly, it’s ugly. Too many people are posting ridiculously stupid comments and posts JUST to get noticed…It’s not attractive!

    Celebrities. Yes well, I can’t stand them! Not because I’m jealous (far from it), but simply because of what this article is all about. What you say is so true. I cannot remember the last time I purchased a magazine which remotely has anything to do with any celebrity.
    Sport. It’s not what it used to be. How often do you hear of someone pulling a hand string or twisting an ankle. So what?!! Here in Western Australia we have this footballer who is always making news headlines with his stupidity!!! And the media fall for it and worst still, the public do!!
    I don’t watch the news any more as it’s full of violence and crime and current affairs.
    I recently read a quote – Society has gotten to the point where everybody has a right, but nobody has a responsibility!

    Society sucks!!!

      Karen Mitchell

      Would just like to add…
      Quote “As a culture we used to try and hide these little indiscretions, now we go out of our way to record and publicize them.”

      I think it was because there were no tools or social media if you like, like as Facebook, twitter and You Tube?


Been reading your blog like a flutterbye for ages, you are a brilliant writer, seems your purpose is integrity and with that naturally the truth…admire your wish to impart some sense of what roots mean. Where is the worth coming from for the blinkered ambition…excellence amongst most is hard work and those souls have value you cannot trick or buy…and untold prices paid for the blinded ones….

Great piece

Jo x

    Thank you Jo for not only for your kind words and for taking the time to leave a comment, but also for making me scramble off to Google “flutterbye” :) Now thanks to you and my good friends at Wiktionary I have a new word to play with, so expect to see it popup again soon!

    I completely agree with you that “excellence amongst most is hard work and those souls have value you cannot trick or buy” Although people might be fooled into paying attention to you in the short-term by shocking them — you’re right true value, talent, and recognition cannot be purchased … it can only be earned.

    The great ones have always worked hard to become master their craft, not because they want to become rich and famous, but because they want to see how far they could go. As Ray Charles said himself, “I never wanted to be famous. I only wanted to be great.” Amen.

      Everyone Loves a Flutterby :)… Enjoy the word.. use it often ;)

this is definitely what mass shooters would be thinking after they down a bottle of prescription drugs.

That quote from Dr. Seuss is from my favorite book of all times – Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

“You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Delish! I enjoyed your article, I’d even feel tempted to go vandalize something if I didn’t had 2 kids to raise, preferably from outside the bars – ’cause “it’s opener, out there, in the wide, open air” ;)

I love the “idiots guide to becoming famous with minimal effort” The mistake those in this group make is they get fame but no respect. Respect is much better than fame, but if you have both, that’s good too.

Dumza Maswana

Wow, this is so true…. I have shared this to my fellow South African artists who feel the same about this… From today onward I will not envy the famous for nothing attention seekers, even though they get all the gigs lol…

Thank you so much…


im getting ready soon to do something that will make me very famous, or dead…LOL..

Mmmhhhh… already thinking about something….

Thank you, that was very funny and so truthful – no easy way xx

Hello sir. This is the first time I’ve stumbled upon your blog and this article is very insightful.

Truth be told, as I write this, my cheeks are stained with tears about how frustrated I am that I am not getting anywhere in the industry.

But I agree with your words. I felt as if I invested so much in my craft that it was almost a pressure for me to become famous.

I’d rather be able to do things I love doing with my art rather than feel the pressure, though sadly, there aren’t much opportunities available to me at the moment.

Thank you for opening my eyes though.
Art is what I love to do, and I will keep doing it, even if it will remain just a hobby.

Eh. I dunno.

Can you be an obscure artist and still pay the bills? I mean I’ve seen plenty of cartoonists live on their craft, but I feel that I’m more talented than they are. Though there’s plenty more that I feel paid their dues.

You need to at least have fans otherwise you’re gonna have to get a different job, man.


Great Article! I agree with 90 percent, however my only counterpoint (if you want to call it that) is that art is evolving, “art” and art are now having a baby in the current fame game.

That being said, I think those who have any longevity in the fame game are able to “back it up” to some degree with hard work and/or talent.

So most of the time success is a combination of both.

[…] via How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps. […]

[…] How to Become Famous in 3 Shockingly Easy Steps Why getting attention is not the same thing as creating art […]


This is a good article about becoming famous but I’m no way going to do anything on the list….

In Norway we have this artist who became famous for walking naked into the sea, and setting fire to her paintings, as a protest against our cultural politics. Ofcourse she called the press, and they all came (she was naked). Today she has her paintings on mugs and pillows in big stores. She just became famous….. (please excuse my poor english)

    I think you are right, it’s a little crazy how becoming a celebrity has become the goal in our culture. Although there have always been artists who “shock” us with their art, their art was the thing that was shocking. Now we just skip the creative part and go directly to the do-something-stupid part. Of course they do it because they know the rest of us will pay attention to them and watch them do it.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with us and don’t worry, din engelsk er bedre enn min norske :)

This is just pure genius. I stumbled upon your site while doing some research about Etsy, and I am completely hooked. Thank you for your wonderful writing style and for making me smile. This is the first time I have felt compelled to share a blog post on Facebook.


    Thanks Cathy for your kind words! I really appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to share your thoughts with us. The post, was a fun one to write and I’m happy to hear that it made you smile :)

LOL this was good! now I just need to think of something stupid to do and post it online :p

Unfortunately, this is the next best thing in getting noticed other than having the money to do so. Mostly everyone is on some type of social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc and the fastest way in being noticed is by posting pics, tweets, vids. Personally, I was looking into ways of making money while sharing my posts and I discovered a website that lets you post your images and pays you anytime someone downloads them. My story can be found here. You won’t make millions, but it’s a fun and exciting way of making money while posting your pictures AND becoming famous, or it can be a nice kick start!

    This site has been deleted!


Love this! So true! And as sad as it is funny.

[…] How to Become a Famous Artist in 3 Easy Steps — … – And it’s not just beginners who are struggling to get noticed, it’s also those who may already be famous but want to become even more famous. […]

[…] How to Become a Famous Artist in 3 Easy Steps – Skinny Artist – And it’s not just beginners who are struggling to get noticed, it’s also those who may already be famous but want to become even more famous. […]

Hello Drew, IT FELT very good to read what you feel about it. I feel related with it, and I think that should be more humans with this way of thinking, acting and of course with lots of principles as a person.
Your article is very inspiring and real.
Word is bond

Denis The Menace

In response to article Three easy steps to become a famous ARTIST
Most people think fame equals success, but that’s not all that true. While the kardashian’s are crazy famous, no one really knows for what. Kim started out being a stylist for Paris Hilton, and got the job because they went to school together and were friend’s and became famous because of a sex tape. So as I was told as a child getting noticed is one thing that can unlock a door, but what keeps you there is your talent. So a recipe for success is if you want fame as an ARTIST first spend your time becoming great or become famous for nothing then the expectations on you are that you are famous that’s all.

    I think you’re right Michael that in our frenzy to get noticed online, we can sometimes forget what we are really trying to accomplish. What exactly do we want people to notice about us? Is it our art or our writing, or is it simply to get more Facebook friends and retweets?

    There isn’t a right or wrong answer here. There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to get noticed, but I think you have to be honest with yourself about what it is that you’re really after. Personally I happen to agree with you that just trying to get attention without having the work to back it up seems a little superficial, but then again there are people out there making millions of dollars on YouTube talking about nothing but themselves, so what do I know?

I need to be seen and I just want somebody to help me to be a model please help


Thanx a bunch…I really needed this, this made me think of the Kardashians, they’re famous without a career lol sad, true, but that’s how it goes!

Tyrinn Andrews

thanks this might actually work.🙏😊💯

Olebile Masake

Great….am gonna do that

I really want to famouse please make my dream come true please!


I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t fully read this article. Never does a day go by that I avoid Idiocracy on the Internet. It’s like a plague and everyone wants to share it. I’ll pass. Leave it to the truly famous. Nice article


Well Hard work it is then….

I often find many customers screaming there heads off at shows… Can be tough hearing screams for 7 hours while someone dances around on stage.
It even goes through your earplugs!

I came across this article as someone who frequently dodges cameras.

I found tour article more than just interesting😉 I myself have an unusual art… Changing boundaries into Hindu art is my forte.


so true, so being famous today is easy? man. what in the world it has turned, if I share that to tons of people, youtube will flood with stupid videos……….wait, youtube is already flooded with stupidity

Freddy M.M.

Thank you Drew for the article, enjoyed it very much.

Was thinking; what if society created a name for these talentless fame seeking idiots? For example, Emo is used for these sort of on edge suicidal dark tunneled people, and what I noticed is that people can get really self-conscious when you call them out on being or doing something Emo-ish and then they want to curl into a ball and hide. Another term is White Knight, a guy showering a woman with compliments and defending her in attempts to get laid… When these people are called out, its like shining a spotlight on your naked body in front of an audience.

So perhaps a term could be used for these Paris Hiltons, Kim Kardasions, street prankers, ect ect… Just a thought.

    Thanks Freddy, and I think you’re right. I have a feeling, however, that if we start rewarding these self-serving buffoons with their own term (or heaven forbid make their name itself into a thing) they would simply wear it as a badge of honor and attract more idiots to do the same. In the end, we might want to take a page from the way we parent toddlers (coincidence?) and simply ignore their bad behavior when possible and hope they eventually stop on their own. After all, attention (good or bad) is what they seem to crave more than anything.

    I’m hoping that this whole 15-minutes of fame celebrity seeking culture is just a phase. Maybe after the initial novelty of the internet and YoutTube has worn off a bit, we can go back to our lives. Then again, I think they probably had this same discussion back when television was first introduced and then we went ahead and invented reality TV. So maybe this is just who we are now as a society…


I started reading this article while stuck in gridlock traffic. Below was my initial comment.
I’m so happy i reread the article and realized how much of your message I erroneously skimmed over.
‘ I am baffled by juxtaposition between the respect that I have for you as a clearly intellectual human versus my disapproval of your message [here].
To push the envelope and boundaries that society set up to make a statement or express an idea is one thing. To encourage people who want to get recognition for that the difference they bring to the world to forgo all rationale and do something stupid to entertain a society hellbent on a quick cheap entertainment ‘fix’, is repulsive and the exact opposite of what we as artists are trying to accomplish. Our world has too many devotees to the kardashian infamy cult.
Why would you advise us to drink the cool aid?’
Again, I’m glad I reread your wisdom. Very well said.

    First of all, thank you Jo for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us about this. It’s kind of funny that although, I intended this to be a look-at-how-far-our-society-has-fallen-and-don’t-act-like-these-idiots bit of satire, we still receive several (unpublished) comments every week from readers who are trying to tell me about their latest publicity stunt, or the stupid thing they have planned to do in order to get themselves noticed both online and off.

    At first, I was a little baffled by this interpretation, but then I realized that they were simply seeing what they wanted to see. They were looking at this post as a “how-to” article (perhaps because of my attention seeking title ;) ) and not the scathing social commentary that it was intended to be. Unlike you, they simply stopped reading once they realized that it wasn’t actually a step-by-step instruction manual and moved on to the next article that might show them the secret they seek. I am always amazed at how many people out there are looking for shortcuts, hacks, and “weird tricks” that will somehow instantly give them the fame and fortune they desire. They don’t want to hear about all of the time, consistent effort, and hard work that goes into becoming a successful writer, artist, or musician. They don’t want to hear about the inevitable failures, rejections, or setbacks along the way. They think that the “secret” is out there, and they simply need to find it.


I couldn’t recall a time when I had such a good time reading an article that is so informative and so funny at the same time. Worth sharing, definitely.

We are no longer becoming famous for our hard work and creative ingenuity but instead we become famous for doing something that proved to others there are people who are either more morally corrupt or more stupid. Fans of reality TV shows are feeling so much better watching these shows. Reality TV shows proved that ordinary people or the general public no longer have to feel so bad about their lives and that they can still succeed in life without even trying hard or doing anything other than trying hard to act normal.

    Thanks Dino for your kind words and you’re absolutely right, as a culture, so many people seem to be looking for the shortcut to fame. For them, it’s not about what you can create or possibly add to the world, but simply how much attention you might be able to attract in the process. Luckily for us, there are still a few people out there who care more about their craft than the fame and money that may come along with it. Thanks again Dino for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us, and keep fighting the good fight!

aaliyah key

Really you dont have to be stupid or do something to become famous or get fame. So people work very hard to get their career and they dont have to be stupid or do something stupid for it. They studied and studied to learn about their career they wanted. And this coming from a 13 year old that want to become an teen actress. And im not going to act stupid or do something stupid to get my career, im going to work very very hard for it.

And I know this is your opinion, but it dont sound like a smart thing to say. It might sound good or great in your head but its not to other people. But other than that i like how you put Ray and Dr.Suss in it.

Ryan Gao

Wow! This is too true. Great article!!
Very sad how the Internet has become…

Shock=Attention=Fame i really like this equation and i strongly believe it works. Nowadays to get famous all you have to do is come up with something weird or strange. Probably something society doesn’t welcome openly, like you said record you stupidity and you are an instant hit. Its a wonderful post you have got up there. I also have written about principles we can apply to be famous read here: How to become a celebrity in any industry


Two things that are really important here; that is, two notions that are real nuggets of information that most people will probably miss but I didn’t.

1. Today it’s about content creation – Not necessarily just music or art. i.e. posting a FB comment is content creation. Back in the day only a few people were allowed to be content creators, most were consumers. Unfortunately, today everybody is busy creating content. My act of posting this reply is content creation. I’m busy doing things like this all day long so it’s harder for anybody to get my attention than before. This leads us to the next point.

2. There are no more spectators because everybody is a content creator. This by far is the most philosophically enriched insight one should take to heart. Why? This literally means, everybody wants recognition and everybody wants fame. The idea of ‘no more spectators’ is a powerful one because when you really think about it what this is saying is, you cannot become a mega-star like Elvis Presley or Led Zeppelin or any of those major acts anymore as easily as they did. This is precisely why the last big rock stars who are still big rock stars all emerged pre-internet.

I honestly don’t know where this is going. It maybe a world where we no longer worship rock stars or heroes and just worship ourselves as God. The end of times is indeed near. lol

Jay webber

I liked it. Loved it. Hated it. I want more. ;-)

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