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We started Skinny Artist as a way to connect and share our collective wisdom with working writers and creative artists just like you!

We really enjoy hearing from people like you who are dedicated to the idea of making a living from their art.  Whether you are a visual artist, a writer, a photographer, a musician, or whatever your passion may be — we want to help you succeed. Skinny Artist is all about having a place for creative artists to share their knowledge, their ideas, and their experiences (both good and bad) with a community of like-minded creative artists who are discovering new ways to create their art and find their online audience.

There are no experts here.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or you’ve been working as a successful artist for years, we’re all beginners when it comes to learning how to market our work in this brave new world of blogs, marketplace websites, social media, and virtual galleries. You’re not alone, but if this is going to work, we’re going to need your help along the way.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to us either by using the contact form below or you can always say “Hello” and share your thoughts with the rest of us on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments section of any post.

Viva la revolution!


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