6 Ways Creativity Can Make Us Better at Life

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Creativity isn’t just for creating stuff. Being a creative artist is about more than just creating a bunch of stuff that other people may or may not care about. Simply the act of creating has a way of changing us and affecting areas of our lives that are far beyond our creative practice. Creativity can teach us how […]

3 Simple Steps to Spark your Creativity

creative spark

What’s your creative process? by: Tara Leaver Even if you’re not a painter or a writer or a musician, there are likely places in your life where you do have a creative process, even if you haven’t seen it that way before. If you think about it, bringing anything into existence, from an email to […]

The Myth of the Full-Time Creative Artist

Do I need to be a full time artist

You don’t need 8 hours a day to be a creative artist “I just don’t have enough time to be creative.” This is something people tell me all the time. They feel as if they never have enough time to really focus on their creative projects, which is certainly something I understand. Although, I have a feeling that […]

9 Ways to Crush Creative Burnout

Escaping your creative funk

What the funk?! Sometimes we get tired of trying. We get tired of constantly falling behind, knowing that we’ll never catch up. We don’t know if we’re heading in the right direction, and we’re not even sure if we have the energy to get up and deal with any of it for one more day. Sometimes we find […]

Writing Classes Won’t Make You a Better Writer

writing classes don't make writers

We long for connection, guidance, and encouragement from other artists. Although these things may make our creative journey easier, they won’t necessarily make us any better. Creative isolation I didn’t know any writers growing up. In my neighborhood, we didn’t have some wise eccentric neighbor who was a writer. There was no role model, no […]