Writing Classes Won’t Make You a Better Writer

writing classes don't make writers

We long for connection, guidance, and encouragement from other artists. Although these things may make our creative journey easier, they won’t necessarily make us any better. Creative isolation I didn’t know any writers growing up. In my neighborhood, we didn’t have some wise eccentric neighbor who was a writer. There was no role model, no […]

Do the work (you have everything you need)

Just Do the Work

 It’s not about having the right tools or gadgets, it’s about putting in the work. Whether you are writing a novel, painting a picture, or trying to capture the perfect photograph.    We like easy Let’s face it, we all love our shortcuts and gadgets. Whether it’s about making our waistlines smaller, our creative work better, or […]

5 Things About Writer’s Block No One Tells You

Overcoming writer's block

  I’ve got nothing How many times have you sat down in front of your computer to work on your latest blog post or writing project only to discover that you’ve got nothing to say. I know it’s happened to me, and it’s probably happened to you. In fact the only people who never get writer’s […]

Why Digital Artists Are (not) Big Fat Liars


Is using technology to create a work of art cheating? Is how we create something really more important than what we create? Does the Medium Matter? by: Alison Huff Is how we create something more important than what we create? Throughout history, art has always reflected the culture of the period it was created in. […]

How to Deal with Creative Criticism

how to deal with creative criticism

Listening to people criticize our creative work is never easy, but it’s going to happen. So how do we take a punch in the ego and then get back to work?   The creative writing teacher from hell In college I had a creative writing teacher who told us the first week of class that his […]