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Create your Life -

6 Ways Creativity Can Make Us Better at Life

Creativity isn’t just for creating stuff. Being a creative artist is about more than just creating a bunch of stuff that other people may or may not care about. Simply the act of creating has a way of changing us and affecting areas of our lives that are far beyond our creative practice. Creativity can teach us how […]

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Andrew MacDonald Artwork

The Great Artist Statement Hoax

  Artists statements, what do they really mean? by: Andrew MacDonald Whether you love them or hate them, artist statements seem to be a fixture of the visual art world. So in order to help you make sense of them, and read between the lines, I have compiled a list of frequently used terms from artist […]

For the Love of Art

For the Love of the Game

Amateur Art Amateur artists have gotten a bad rap. There seems to be a growing rift in the creative world between “professional” and “amateur” artists, writers, musicians, etc…  and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t made things any better by writing articles with ominous titles such as “The 9 Warning Signs of […]

Selling Art Locally

5 Ways to Market Your Art in Your Community

Going Local: 5 Ways to Market Your Art in Your Community by: Steff Metal As artists, we’re told again and again how vital it is for us to market online, to reach an international audience, to establish a profitable niche. And this is very true, but in extending our reach we often neglect a lucrative […]


Why Art School (may or may not) Suck!

  Actually I guess that’s not really fair because as a writer, I never actually went to art school because I was stuck in “writer’s school” which I’m pretty certain sucks. What I’m really talking about is any type of  so-called “art school” whether it’s music school, design school, fine art school, or your plain […]

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creative spark

3 Simple Steps to Spark your Creativity

What’s your creative process? by: Tara Leaver Even if you’re not a painter or a writer or a musician, there are likely places in your life where you do have a creative process, even if you haven’t seen it that way before. If you think about it, bringing anything into existence, from an email to […]

Do I need to be a full time artist

The Myth of the Full-Time Creative Artist

You don’t need 8 hours a day to be a creative artist “I just don’t have enough time to be creative.” This is something people tell me all the time. They feel as if they never have enough time to really focus on their creative projects, which is certainly something I understand. Although, I have a feeling that […]

Things that scare creative artists

11 Things That Scare Creative Artists <br />(and what you can do about it)

by: Kevin Chung As artists we live in fear “You might as well give up.” “You’ll never make a living as an artist.” “Being an artist is a great job if you want to starve.”  These words have been ingrained in our thoughts for what seems like forever, but it wasn’t always that way. “That’s such a wonderful […]

Escaping your creative funk

9 Ways to Crush Creative Burnout

What the funk?! Sometimes we get tired of trying. We get tired of constantly falling behind, knowing that we’ll never catch up. We don’t know if we’re heading in the right direction, and we’re not even sure if we have the energy to get up and deal with any of it for one more day. Sometimes we find […]

writing classes don't make writers

Writing Classes Won’t Make You a Better Writer

We long for connection, guidance, and encouragement from other artists. Although these things may make our creative journey easier, they won’t necessarily make us any better. Creative isolation I didn’t know any writers growing up. In my neighborhood, we didn’t have some wise eccentric neighbor who was a writer. There was no role model, no […]

Just Do the Work

Do the work (you have everything you need)

 It’s not about having the right tools or gadgets, it’s about putting in the work. Whether you are writing a novel, painting a picture, or trying to capture the perfect photograph.    We like easy Let’s face it, we all love our shortcuts and gadgets. Whether it’s about making our waistlines smaller, our creative work better, or […]

Overcoming writer's block

5 Things About Writer’s Block No One Tells You

  I’ve got nothing How many times have you sat down in front of your computer to work on your latest blog post or writing project only to discover that you’ve got nothing to say. I know it’s happened to me, and it’s probably happened to you. In fact the only people who never get writer’s […]


Why Digital Artists Are (not) Big Fat Liars

Is using technology to create a work of art cheating? Is how we create something really more important than what we create? Does the Medium Matter? by: Alison Huff Is how we create something more important than what we create? Throughout history, art has always reflected the culture of the period it was created in. […]

how to deal with creative criticism

How to Deal with Creative Criticism

Listening to people criticize our creative work is never easy, but it’s going to happen. So how do we take a punch in the ego and then get back to work?   The creative writing teacher from hell In college I had a creative writing teacher who told us the first week of class that his […]

The Secret by Cedward Brice

7 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Creativity

Why do we believe we aren’t good enough to create our art?  Maybe it’s because we keep telling ourselves the same stupid lies over and over again… It’s time to stop screwing around. Let’s face it, we don’t have enough time to create without constantly sabotaging ourselves in the process. We are filled up to our eyeballs […]

words that will change your life

3 Words that Will Change Your Life

Most of us don’t need any more goals or things to add to our to-do list. What we need is a way to focus our mind and cultivate our creative soul… I was exhausted. Most days my head would hit the pillow and I would wonder, what did I really accomplish today? What was wrong with me, […]


5 Podcasts to Spark Your Creative Soul

Creative Inspiration to Go by: Rebekah Nemethy If you’re anything like me, you love to learn new things and may wish you had more time to do it. No matter how busy your schedule is, I bet there are plenty of times when you’re on autopilot and your brain could use a little engagement. You […]

Inspire by Ashley Rose

3 Ages of an Artist

Whether you are a writer, a painter, or any other type of creative artist you know that your life and your art are constantly evolving. Like any other journey this one has a beginning, a middle, and an end (so to speak) and each stage comes with its own set of rewards and potential pitfalls. The courage to […]

"Couch potating" by El Alvi

Evicting the Annoying Roommate <br />(inside my head)

Why I stopped talking to myself Back when we first met, we all seemed to get along okay. He was always kind of chatty but it didn’t really bother me because it was usually nice to have a familiar voice nearby when I stumbled into a new or uncomfortable situation. For whatever reason he always […]

Create or Quit

Create or Quit?

Time to create or cut bait? Have you ever been in the middle of a project only to discover that you have completely lost your enthusiasm for it and now it seems you’re just going through the motions? So how do you know when you should continue working on a project, and when you should […]

Feeling overwhelmed

Too much of a good thing

Where do I even start? Have you ever had one of those days where you felt completely overwhelmed because you had too many ideas swimming around inside your head and you just didn’t know where to begin? Perhaps you drank one too many Red Bulls that day, or maybe you went somewhere that really inspired […]

How can I be a perfectionist if nothing I do is perfect

The Paralysis of Perfectionism

Perils of perfect As much as we would like to convince ourselves otherwise, perfectionism is not about having high standards or a keen eye for detail. Instead it’s like pretty much everything else we do that screws up our creative life— it’s really about dealing with our fears and trying to protect our fragile ego. […]

Courage to be Imperfect

A Simple Act of Courage (it’s not what you think)

The Courage to be Imperfect If you’ve read anything I’ve written in the past for this site, it will probably come as no surprise to you that I often misuse (some say abuse) the English language.  So I frequently find myself scurrying about the internet searching for a definition or origin of a particular word until […]

For the Love of Art

For the Love of the Game

Amateur Art Amateur artists have gotten a bad rap. There seems to be a growing rift in the creative world between “professional” and “amateur” artists, writers, musicians, etc…  and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t made things any better by writing articles with ominous titles such as “The 9 Warning Signs of […]

Do what you can today

Some Is Better Than None

We have an expression around our house that we tend to use on everything from solving tricky Algebra problems, to practicing instruments, to eating icky green vegetables — and that is the saying “Some is better than none”. All or nothing… Sometimes as creative artists we can get locked into this idea that if we […]

Who Pays Who by Andrew Macdonald

Why Creative Artists are Paying the Price

  Who Pays Who? by: Andrew MacDonald When I started out in the arts and craft world over twenty years ago, I don’t think the idea of “artist’s application fees” had been invented. As far as I remember, in order to enter submit a work to an art competition you sent some recent photos and sometimes […]

Becoming an Archeologist of Joy -- by Niya Christine

Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy

When you change one thing, one habit, your whole life changes. Patterns renew and re-chemicalize to meet the new habit   Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy by: Niya Christine In November 2012, in a Seattle Starbucks, I painted a Starbucks cup as fast as I could for fun. And, it was. In fact, it was so […]

Having the courage to create

What Are You Afraid Of?

So what scares the crap out of you? People always tell me they can’t think of anything to write about on their blog. For me the problem has never been coming up with ideas, but instead it has always been about having the courage to sit down and expose myself to the world.  I’m not […]

How to Take Charge of your Creative Goals

How to Take Charge of your Creative Goals

  Taking Control of your Creative Life by: Michaela Cristallo You’re showing up to the studio every day, you’re making art and you feel like you’re on the right track, but do you ever wonder if you’re making the right kind of progress to get to where you want to be? It’s wonderful to create freely and […]

Neil Gaiman Writing Gazebo

When Life Gets in the Way of Art

  In a perfect world, I would have a little writing bungalow nestled in the trees like Neil Gaiman (and 1/50 of his talent) In a perfect world I would never have to stay up late or get up insanely early to get anything done. In a perfect world I would never get sick, the […]

Don't Break the Chain -

Don’t Break the Chain!

    Practice, practice, blah, blah, blah…. Okay we get it. By now we’ve all heard the great secret of success is that you have to sit down and practice more. Then again if we did everything we are supposed to do, we probably wouldn’t have all of these infomercials trying to sell us the […]

Andrew MacDonald Artwork

The Great Artist Statement Hoax

  Artists statements, what do they really mean? by: Andrew MacDonald Whether you love them or hate them, artist statements seem to be a fixture of the visual art world. So in order to help you make sense of them, and read between the lines, I have compiled a list of frequently used terms from artist […]

Stare Share Steal and be willing to look Stupid

Stare, Share, Steal, & be willing to look Stupid

How can I create more art? How do I become a better artist? How can I get more people to see my work? What the $#!@  is a “Skinny Artist”? These are the kind of questions that people ask me all the time. Unfortunately I’m stumbling around in the dark like everyone else. Occasionally I’ll […]

Branding Yourself as an Artist

The Brand of You

  Who are You? by: Angela Cross Brand (verb) – To mark indelibly. Think of branding as a stamp, by which people will be able to recognize you. Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and what your goals are. A strong brand can capture a potential fan or patron’s […]

Art is Work

Art is Work

Art is Work Creating art is a valid career. There seems to be this perception in our culture that art is not really a profession but more of a hobby. That creativity is a pastime, not a true vocation. It’s no secret that many of us see our day jobs as monotonous, boring, and something […]

Skinny News on Art - Discover, Share, Enjoy!

Introducing Skinny Art News

  I know what you’re thinking… Why would we be starting yet another website when I obviously can’t keep up with the sites we’ve already got?! Well here’s the thing, this really isn’t going to be my project… it’s going to be yours   Introducing Skinny News on Art On this site we’ll be bringing […]

How to Ship Art -

How to (not) Crush It!

How to ship your art safely without breaking the bank I was recently talking to one of our fellow community members (the always awesome Toni DeBiasi) and she was telling me about how difficult it was to find good information online on how to ship art safely to customers without having to spend a ton of […]

5 Habits of Happy Artists

5 Habits of Happy Artists

  Do you remember happy? We’re not talking about positive thinking or grinning-like-an-idiot kind of happy, we’re talking about the kind of happy that makes you smile when you put your head on your pillow at night. That subtle feeling of contentment. That feeling like you’ve added something unique to the creative conversation that day. […]

"Mass" by Patrick Gorman Pettis

21 Artists to Watch in 2013

    Each year we publish a list of “21 Amazing Artists to Watch” in an effort to recognize some of the best up and coming artists online, as well as some who are already highly successful in their field.  Now obviously we continue to keep a close eye on all of the artists we have featured […]