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Niya owns a UE/branding design firm, Ritual Labs. She is the author of “Bragging Bantering Bawling” story collection and “Po'Bird: A Wingless Bird Determined to fly” an illustrated children's book. She plans to spend much of 2014 turning the paintings into useful things like coffee table books that turn into coasters. You can visit here at for the art dailies.  You can also hang out with Niya on Facebook:

Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy

When you change one thing, one habit, your whole life changes. Patterns renew and re-chemicalize to meet the new habit   Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy by: Niya Christine In November 2012, in a Seattle Starbucks, I painted a Starbucks cup as fast as I could for fun. And, it was. In fact, it was so […]

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