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Angela Cross is an audio alchemist, a painter of sounds, and a lover of life. She also plays most instruments you've heard of a handful you haven't, and also produces digital soundscapes from her solar-powered studio deep in the Pacific Northwest countryside. She often collaborates with producers and artists around the world, as well as with her 2 giant mountain puppies, Jean-Luc and Galilea. She can be reached through the mental aether, as well as various social media channels

3 Ways to Get Your Creative Work Noticed

by: Angela Cross As an artist, you’ve probably felt unappreciated at some point in your career. Heck, even calling your art a ‘career’ might sound silly to you! It’s a common 20th-century misconception that popularity equals value. It can feel like you just can’t build a following unless you already have one, which is a […]

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The Brand of You

  Who are You? by: Angela Cross Brand (verb) – To mark indelibly. Think of branding as a stamp, by which people will be able to recognize you. Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and what your goals are. A strong brand can capture a potential fan or patron’s […]

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