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There Are No Artists

 You win, I lose! As creative artists we have been trained to see things in a particular way which is if you win, then I lose. We either get the publishing or recording contract or we get rejected. We either get the gallery show or it goes to some other artist We either get the […]

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The Zen of Inbox Infinity

  You’ve got more #$@% mail! Those of you who have been online long enough may remember when getting email was an exciting event. We all loved hearing that bossy little AOL voice telling us that we got mail.  Our pulse would quicken and we would race to our email inbox to see what technological […]

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The Goal of Nothing & the Art of Letting Go

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” ~Lao Tzu Let’s face it, having goals kind of sucks! What do you want to do, be, or have in ten years?  Where do you see yourself in twenty years?  What are your three major goals for this year?  What are […]

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Beating the Green-Eyed Bastard!

“O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock The meat it feeds on.” ~William Shakespeare Jealous much? Let’s face it, now that almost every artist and their creative brother are online showing off their handiwork,  it’s easier than ever to become jealous of … their artwork/writing/music their sales their […]

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Dear Facebook, what’s the point?!

  It all seemed so simple in the beginning… These days it seems as if everyone is telling you that you need to find a way to “engage” your fans in social media (whatever that means) if you are to have any hope of surviving as an artist/writer/musician in the 21st century. So you sign up […]

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Follow me Dammit!

Dear Twitterite, We know that it was a bit rude to unfollow you this afternoon, but let’s face it, we seemed to be growing apart these past several months.  Even though I saw you there in my Twitter stream each and every morning, I found myself ignoring you more and more and I just wasn’t listening […]

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