There Are No Artists

Matrix Spoon Bending

 You win, I lose! As creative artists we have been trained to see things in a particular way which is if you win, then I lose. We either get the publishing or recording contract or we get rejected. We either get the gallery show or it goes to some other artist We either get the […]

21 Artists to Watch in 2012

Love by Lani Woods

    The last several years, Skinny Artist has published a list of “21 Amazing Artists to Watch” in an effort to recognize some of the best up and coming artists online, as well as a few who are already highly successful artists in their field.  Now obviously we continue to keep a very close eye on […]

Introducing Skinny WordPress!


Why Skinny WordPress? Those of you who have followed Skinny Artist for awhile may be wondering why I would think about starting another website when I already spend so much time bitching about not having enough time to get anything done as it is. Well, you’re right and I’ll admit that I’ve wondered about this […]

Meet artist Connie Hozvicka of Dirty Footprints Studio

Click here to meet featured artist Connie Hozvicka!

Every once in awhile when we get our act together here at Skinny Artist, we have the pleasure of introducing you to a new featured artist.  We have them sit down and talk to us for a few minutes about their experiences working as a creative professional. We’ll talk to them about their work, some […]

Check out the Artist Online Community Directory

Artist Online Directory

Artist Online Community Directory As a community-based site, our purpose is to not only give you the opportunity to interact with this amazing worldwide creative community we have here at Skinny Artist, but also to connect with one another beyond this particular website. So many of us have multiple websites and social media accounts set […]