Turn Off Facebook, Tune Out Twitter, and Rediscover Your Life

Hippie Van

Turn Off, Tune Out, and Rediscover Your Life   It’s probably no surprise to you that these days we are under a constant barrage of media input. If it’s not television, music, moves, or video games consuming your time these days — it’s probably email, blogs, apps, YouTube, websites, Twitter, and Facebook. I mean it’s […]

Dear Facebook, what’s the point?!

Somebody stop me!

It all seemed so simple in the beginning… These days it seems as if everyone is telling you that you need to find a way to “engage” your fans in social media (whatever that means) if you are to have any hope of surviving as an artist/writer/musician in the 21st century. So you sign up for […]

21 Artists to Watch in 2011

"Diaphanous Daffodil" by Julia Forsyth

. As many of you know, last year Skinny Artist published a list of 21 Amazing Artists to Watch in 2010. Since then, I’ve gotten to know many of these artists better, and I consider myself lucky to be able to call so many of them now my friends. If you haven’t already had the […]

21 Artists to Watch in 2010

Photo Courtesy of Martin Kingsley

Now that we are entering into the second half of 2010.  I wanted to take a moment and share with you 21 amazing artists I have had the pleasure to meet over the past six months, and artists that you’ll certainly want to keep your eye on in the years ahead. Some of these artists […]

Follow me Dammit!


Dear Twitterite, We know that it was a bit rude to unfollow you this afternoon, but let’s face it, we seemed to be growing apart these past several months.  Even though I saw you there in my Twitter stream each and every morning, I found myself ignoring you more and more and I just wasn’t listening […]