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The Care and Feeding of a Creative Introvert

An open letter to the extroverts we know and love As introverts, we pretty much understand how extroverts feel and think, mostly because they are constantly telling us. On the other hand, I know that introverts can sometimes be a little difficult to figure out, and being involved in a relationship with one of us […]

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Hey you, get off of my cloud!

Dude, where’s all my stuff?! These days it seems my head and pretty much my entire digital life is “in the clouds” Yes, I’ll admit (grudgingly) that I’m old enough to remember things like CD’s, printed photographs, DVD’s, computer software that came in a box, and even those weird looking papery things with all the […]

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The Zen of Inbox Infinity

  You’ve got more #$@% mail! Those of you who have been online long enough may remember when getting email was an exciting event. We all loved hearing that bossy little AOL voice telling us that we got mail.  Our pulse would quicken and we would race to our email inbox to see what technological […]

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Are you Afraid to be an Artist?

“But you’re a writer, you’re not an artist!” (insert mildly derisive tone here) I hear this from people all the time when I tell them that I help run a website called “Skinny Artist”, and then reveal that I am a writer and not a visual artist.  To many people (mostly non-artists) it seems almost […]

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Welcome to Skinny Artist!

However you found us, we’re glad you’re here! Skinny Artist is a website dedicated to giving struggling artists all of the tools and resources necessary to market their work successfully.  Skinny artist was created by artists for artists.  We are writers, photographers, painters, poets, graphic artists, potters, singers, composers, musicians, jewelry designers, cartoonists, entertainers, and […]

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