3 Ages of an Artist

Inspire by Ashley Rose

Whether you are a writer, a painter, or any other type of creative artist you know that your life and your art are constantly evolving. Like any other journey this one has a beginning, a middle, and an end (so to speak) and each stage comes with its own set of rewards and potential pitfalls. The courage to […]

The Paralysis of Perfectionism

How can I be a perfectionist if nothing I do is perfect

Perils of perfect As much as we would like to convince ourselves otherwise, perfectionism is not about having high standards or a keen eye for detail. Instead it’s like pretty much everything else we do that screws up our creative life— it’s really about dealing with our fears and trying to protect our fragile ego. […]

For the Love of the Game

For the Love of Art

Amateur Art Amateur artists have gotten a bad rap. There seems to be a growing rift in the creative world between “professional” and “amateur” artists, writers, musicians, etc…  and I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t made things any better by writing articles with ominous titles such as “The 9 Warning Signs of […]

Some Is Better Than None

Do what you can today

We have an expression around our house that we tend to use on everything from solving tricky Algebra problems, to practicing instruments, to eating icky green vegetables — and that is the saying “Some is better than none”. All or nothing… Sometimes as creative artists we can get locked into this idea that if we […]

When Life Gets in the Way of Art

Neil Gaiman Writing Gazebo

  In a perfect world, I would have a little writing bungalow nestled in the trees like Neil Gaiman (and 1/50 of his talent) In a perfect world I would never have to stay up late or get up insanely early to get anything done. In a pefect world I would never get sick, the […]