Waxing the Golden Rule

"Brushes" by Mae Chevrette on Flickr

    Waxing the Golden Rule by: Kara Brook   The road to hell & litigation is often paved with good intentions I’m an encaustic painter who enjoys sharing what I have learned as I develop my own skills. I’ve found there’s a lot of information on the web, specifically video trailers often linked to […]

Does Your Website Suck?

Does your Website Suck?!

  Let’s be honest for a moment. . . Does your current website suck? Do you frequently suffer from website shame and embarrassment? Do you sometimes avoid telling people where to find your website because you haven’t updated in over 6 months? Does it seem like everyone else online has these really cool websites, while […]

Introducing Skinny WordPress!


Why Skinny WordPress? Those of you who have followed Skinny Artist for awhile may be wondering why I would think about starting another website when I already spend so much time bitching about not having enough time to get anything done as it is. Well, you’re right and I’ll admit that I’ve wondered about this […]

There’s no place like home


Where’s your online home? As an artist marketing yourself and your work online  do you have a home or do you find yourself virtually homeless? In other words, after you spend a long hard day schmoozing with your groupies on Twitter and Facebook and displaying your wares on Etsy, Amazon, ImageKind, and deviantART, do you […]