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5 Podcasts to Spark Your Creative Soul

Creative Inspiration to Go

by: Rebekah Nemethy

If you’re anything like me, you love to learn new things and may wish you had more time to do it. No matter how busy your schedule is, I bet there are plenty of times when you’re on autopilot and your brain could use a little engagement.

You might exercise regularly, cook daily, and maybe clean weekly.  Me?  I just like to dim the lights when things get dirty, but that’s another story.

Maybe you have an insanely long commute? Turn off that horrible, played-out, pop song and tune into one of these podcasts. I guarantee they will enlighten and inspire you to succeed in all your creative projects.


The Unmistakable Creative

Unmistakable Creative PodcastSrinivas Rao has a way of making people bleed their passions into the microphone. His questions prompt his guests into deep thoughts on the unconventional paths that led them to success and the principals behind them. “Wow, that’s a great question!” is a common statement from
many of the high-profile guests on Srini’s show.

I’ve heard more than one person choke up with emotion during their interview. Whether it’s a tragic memory or a sudden moment of realization, Srini digs deep to get to what matters in these conversations about life and the realm of creative success.


The Fresh Rag Show

Fresh Rag Podcast

Dave Conrey is an ex-art director turned podcasting rockstar and he’s stoked to help creatives thrive. His tag line is “The No BS, Straight-Talk Approach to Earning More from your Creative Pursuits” and it’s a perfect description of what you’ll get if you listen to his podcast.

Every Wednesday Dave has conversations with crazy successful creatives that share their success stories. Dave’s also an evangelist for musical up and comers and loves to rock your world with new music clips throughout the show.


Artists Helping Artists

Artists Helping Artists PodcastLeslie Saeta is a palette knife painter and marketing expert who has been helping artists sell art every week since 2010. Her show features different guest co-hosts every month and they offer invaluable tips about blogging, social media, and building a following online.

The show is focused on marketing for visual artists (mostly painters) but the advice that’s given can be applied to any kind of art. Leslie also frequently interviews successful painters and other art experts.


Creative Insurgents

Creative Insurgents PodcastThis podcast is hosted by Cory Huff (the man behind The Abundant Artist) and Melissa Dinwiddie (the woman behind Living a Creative Life). Together these two creative geniuses run ArtEmpowers.Me, which is both a course to help artists start selling online as well as a way for them to connect to a group of like-minded artists.

It seemed like a natural progression for Melissa and Cory to start a show to amplify their message that “the starving artist is a myth.” They’re proving it’s true by bringing guests that thrive off of their art and want to share how they do it.


Artist Mastermind

Artist Mastermind PodcastNatasha Wescoat is an artist superstar who has done it all when it comes to marketing her art. She was making videos for online sharing before YouTube existed! The simple fact that her Twitter handle is @natasha is proof of how long this girl has been in the social media game.

This show takes a completely different approach to podcasting than the above shows. None of the episodes in this podcast include guest interviews, instead Natasha gives actionable tips to get artists down to business right now. Her energy is instantly motivating.

How to get ‘em all in one easy-to-access place

You iPhone people out there can skip this section, unless you happen to be the last human being alive who hasn’t heard of iTunes. That’s where you will download these shows.

I’m still a Droid girl myself and I’ve had quite a few frustrations getting easy access to my favorite podcasts. Everyone seems to recommend Stitcher as the go-to app for Android users, but I couldn’t stand using it and not everyone makes their shows available on that platform. At one point I was using multiple apps to keep my podcasts on my phone, so I kept looking for a better solution.

I recently discovered Podcast Addict in the Google Play Store and I became an instant fan. This app actually allows you to search iTunes from your Android device! The user interface is very intuitive and there are tons of options to automate your listening preferences. I highly recommend Podcast Addict to any Droid user who fits that description!

The best part is that all of these podcasts have an archive of past shows. What does that mean?  It means that you now have hundreds of hours of creative inspiration at the tips of your earlobes — so get listening!

What are your favorites?

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to? If you know of any other great podcasts for creative artists, please take a minute and share your favorites with us in the comment section below.
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About the Author

Rebekah Nemethy is a bug stalkin', flower pluckin', pit bull snugglin' photographer who can often be found crawling on the ground with her camera. You can find her art and get a behind the scenes look at her photographic adventures by visiting ReflectivePhotos.net

I’m humbled and honored to be part of this list. I’m in some very good company here.

    Thanks for stopping by Dave! Fresh Rag rocks =)

Thanks! I already listen to a few, but Artists Helping Artists and Artist Mastermind are new to me. I’ll check them out.

    I’m so glad you learned about a couple new shows Kevin =) Did I miss any good ones? What else do you listen to?

Folks might enjoy a podcast I co-host called Opposable Thumbs. We invite a guest artist/designer/interesting-person to tackle a creative challenge with us. We then meet up with the guest to talk on air and discuss our successes, failures and lessons learned. Our guest then gets to create the challenge for the next episode so it just keeps going!

You can listen over at http://opposablepodcast.com

Great suggestions here Rebekah, thanks. I want to add one more podcast I like to listen to that has been a great source of inspiration, information and support: Antrese Wood hosts one called The Savvy Painter over at savvypainter.com/podcast/. Antrese is a real down to earth plain air painter who does in depth interviews of other artists and visionaries in the field. I love her show notes too, super thorough with a bazillion links to most of the things the artist she is interviewing has mentioned. Great show to paint to, or clean your studio as you listen. :)

Some good suggestions, I already listen to a few of those. I’d like to let people know about the podcast myself and Joshua Lawyer started this year. It’s called Waiting To Dry and it’s a weekly podcast where we sit and talk with our artist friends and painters we want to get to know better. Guests so far include John Wentz, Emilio Villalba, Glenn Arthur, Aaron Nagel and more. Check it out at http://www.waitingtodry.com. Thanks!

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