Are you wasting your life?

Waste your life, be an artist

Is it really worth it?

Why do we need the arts?

I mean, why does anyone bother becoming a writer, an artist, or a poet?

We’re not out there building bridges, writing software, or healing the sick — so why do we waste our time creating art when there are so many other productive things we could be doing with our lives?

Is being an artist selfish?

Does being a writer or artist actually benefit anyone other than ourselves?

When it comes down to it, does our creative work really help anyone or is it just a form of mental masturbation that passes the time and makes us feel good?

This is what they want you to believe

If you have the courage to call yourself a creative artist, chances are you’ve probably heard this kind of crap before. Whether it was from your teachers, your parents, or even yourself — the value of the artist in society has always been questioned.

What is the practical purpose of art and how does it help society advance? Is art and music education even necessary anymore now that we have entered the information age that is based on computers, data, and mathematical algorithms.

Go ahead and waste your life (it’s worth it)

No matter what you choose to do, there will always be people out there who don’t agree with it. But that’s okay, because it’s your life and you have to decide how you will spend the time you have left on this planet.

Are you willing to waste your life and be an artist, or will you give in and live the life they have planned for you?

Will you choose to be a creator or just another consumer?


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  1. I totally agree Drew. Do what makes you happy. I believe it is very important to discover ourselves and fin doubt our won purpose in life. If arts is what makes you happy, then one should really go for it. The same goes for all fields.

  2. Why we need artist? It’s the very same reason why we need math . Not only do we create movies, books, and video games.e.c.t. you need art to create the design for those bridges, cars, and houses. Art is everywhere, it’s used for almost everything, to painting a picture, taking a picture, dance, to even cooking.