Introducing Skinny Art News

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I know what you’re thinking…

Why would we be starting yet another website when I obviously can’t keep up with the sites we’ve already got?!

Well here’s the thing, this really isn’t going to be my project… it’s going to be yours :)


Introducing Skinny News on Art

On this site we’ll be bringing you all of the best news stories, blog posts, and articles about art that we can find.  In fact, we’ve already recruited a few dedicated community members (please join us!) and together we’re going to be scouring the web and sharing all of our favorite articles and blog posts from around the world.  It’s not just about posting the latest news from those big online news sites, however, because we also want to hear about what you’ve got going on in your neck of the woods.

Maybe it’s just me, but the internet has gotten to be a pretty big place and I just don’t seem to have the time to stop by and visit all of your websites as often as I’d like — so we want you to bring your website to us!

Now obviously we don’t have room for your entire site, but we would love to see some of your best stuff.

We wanted to give you a place where you can share that post or article that your really proud of.  It can be yours or someone else’s, it doesn’t really matter.  All you have to do is bookmark it on the Skinny News on Art website, and then whenever anyone clicks on it, they will be sent to your website to read it.  That way, we get the chance to see all of your latest and greatest stuff, and you get yourself a free link back to your website.

It only works, however, if you are willing to share!


Here’s how you can get involved…

Simply pick one of your favorite article from your site, or from the site of someone you admire and then cruise over to the Skinny News on Art website.

Keep in mind that you can always stop by anytime and read whatever you want on the site.  However if you would like to submit an article, all we ask is that you take a moment to register and sign in to the site so we can try and keep the evil spambots away.  Luckily this will take like ten seconds and is of course completely free.

Once you’re in, you will not only be able to save all of your favorite articles to your own personalized reading list, but you can also submit and instantly publish new articles on the site simply by pasting in the URL. We even have a pretty cool bookmarking doohicky that you can add to your browser’s toolbar, so whenever you run across something worth reading, you can just click the button and you’ll be taken directly to the submission screen.

If you think it’s worth reading, then we want to see it!

That’s it, I’m not going to waste any more time talking about it here, because you should really just go check it out for yourself. I really hope you enjoy it!


There are two easy ways to get started:

You can either start by visiting our “How to Use Skinny News” page and check out the intro video and FAQs

How to Use Skinny News on Art


Or you can just jump right in, go directly to the Skinny News on Art website, and start reading some of top articles about art from around the world that have been submitted by community members just like you.

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Thanks again for being a part of our Skinny Artist community!

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