Work for a cause not for applause quote

Work for a cause not applause

  Sometimes it feels like we spend so much time trying to get ourselves noticed, that we forget why we’re doing all of this in the first place.  When we base our level of success on fame, money, and admiration we soon discover that there is never enough. When we50

Dance First --Think Later

Dance First,Think Later

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about our results and the “what-ifs” that we never get around to actually getting started.  Remember that there will always be time to edit, revise, and erase later if necessary — but first we have to take action. Do whatever your can to50

Humorous Infographic map of the Creative Process

The Creative Process Map

[Click on the image to see a larger version] It’s about time that someone sat down and scientifically mapped out the entire creative process in order to make it easier for us creative types.  Although as I was following along the map, I got stuck in a traffic jam at50

Ira Glass Image Quote

It’s going to take some time (and that’s okay)

[Click on the image to make it larger]  Despite what people may tell you, creating art is not easy. Creating art (or anything) is hard work and chances are it’s going to take awhile to get to that point where you are creating something worthwhile.  You’re going to try and50

Artist Invocation Image Quote

An Artist’s Blessing

[Click image to make it larger] I have always loved this artist’s blessing from the late great Irish poet John O’Donohue. It talks about the mysterious creative process where we often find ourselves waiting for our muse to speak to us.  That moment when we are finally able to reach beyond50

How to focus minimize distractions and get things done

How to Focus and Get Things Done!

[Click image to make larger] Those of us who are trying to create our art in this online age of distraction know that it can be hard not to be lured by the next shiny object.  We tell ourselves that we’ll check our Facebook wall, our Twitter stream, or our50

Authenticity and Originality in Art

Beg, Borrow & Create

You don’t have to be original and you don’t need to be revolutionary, you just have to learn how to speak in your own creative voice. Find a way to bring your life and your experiences into your work. There are no new or undiscovered plots under the sun, only50

Creative Process Timeline -You are Here

The Creative Process Timeline

Where are you in the creative process? At times it can feel like we’re the only one who gets lost along the creative path.  However as many of us know from experience, there’s a lot that can get in our way (including ourselves) as we travel down that long bumpy road50