Support Local Artists & Writers


We all love the masters of our art

Whether it’s reading the bestselling authors in our genre or staring at awe at the paintings that hang in the museum, most of us enjoy seeing the best that our creative field has to offer.

We sometimes forget, however, that there is another group of artists, musicians, and writers out there who are still honing their craft and need our support. These are the local bands that play in your neighborhood bar or the painter who is selling their work at the local crafts fair. Maybe it is the author who has just published her first book online or the photographer who has just set up his first online gallery.

These are the ones who our support and purchase of their work will allow them to not only continue creating their art, but also encourage them not to give up on those days when it seems as if no one else cares.  Just a few dollars to buy a CD, t-shirt, or ebook can mean the world to them and perhaps inspire them to do the same for someone else.

Please share the love and do whatever you can to support your local (and living) artists!

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