Keep Believing, Keep Pretending

Jim Henson quote life's like a movie

Despite our current circumstances or what others may have told you, we are the creators of our lives.

We are the directors and we have the final say about who gets to play a part in our life’s movie. Just like an actor, we sometimes have to pretend that we are someone we have not yet become. ¬†This is not intended to deceive or to fool anyone. This is just what we need to do sometimes in order to have the courage to keep trying and become the person we have always imagined ourselves to be.

We need to find that same “suspension of disbelief” that allows us to believe in other worlds and alternative realities when we go to the movies. We need to be able to apply this idea to our own lives. We need to write ourselves a new script, and find a way to keep believing (and keep pretending if necessary) until we create the life we want to live.


“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.”
~Jim Henson

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