It’s not about today…

ordinary people extraordinary destiny

We think we know

We can’t often see what lies ahead of us.

We may think we know, but in reality we’re just guessing.

We want to feel like we are in control, that we’re the ones steering the ship. If we do this, we’ll get that. If we go to school, we’ll get that job. If we do all of the right things, only good things will happen to us.

Unfortunately life isn’t always that easy.

Whittled down

As we go along things happen, plans change, and our lives change course.

We often see these unexpected situations as hardships and disappointments, but these are also the events that ultimately change us and make us stronger.

We are whittled down bit by bit until all that’s left is who we really are.

We can either fight this or accept it — the only thing we can’t do is stop it.

The punches keep on coming whether we like it or not.

Instead of trying to avoid being hurt by other people’s opinions and criticisms, maybe we should be learning how to take a punch and have the courage to get up and try again.

“Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.”  ~C.S. Lewis

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