Don’t talk. Just do.

Dont talk just act Don't promise just do

We all like to talk

Maybe we simply tell our closest friends and family, or maybe we tell the world in a blog post, either way most of us like to tell people about what we’re going to do.

It’s fun to plan, make elaborate visualization boards, or just daydream about who we are going to become — but talking and planning are different than doing.

We all know that person who is always talking about their next big project but for whatever reason never seems to get any closer to achieving it. Eventually their enthusiasm for that particular project fades and they come up with a new plan.

Don’t be that person.

Be the person who gets noticed because you are busy working. Be the person who is willing to work without applause. Be the person who is okay not having all the answers.

Those are the people we admire.

Don’t waste anymore of your time or creative energy trying to convince other people that you have what it takes — show them.

Just stop talking and start walking.

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