Create Something Today

Today I will create

These days it’s far too easy to get distracted.

Whether it’s sorting through hundreds of spammy emails, posting updates on Twitter, or  watching adorable cat videos on YouTube — it is way too easy to fall down the endless rabbit hole that we call the internet and not get anything done.

When it comes time to write our novel or paint our masterpiece, there never seems to be enough time in our busy lives.

I used to find the time to do everything but write. Everything else was a priority, but writing because it was saved for “when I had a free moment”, rarely got done.

We need to start with creation.

Instead of trying to fit writing into my daily schedule, I eventually decided that I needed to start with creation and then answer emails and post status updates with whatever time I had left each day.

Writing became something that was no longer optional.

Of course there are still days when life has other plans or I don’t get up early enough and the writing has to wait until later. However those non-writing days are now the exception rather than the rule.

Instead of being a person who writes, I have become a writer who lives.

Today I will create — will you?


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