Chains of Habit

I own you coffee mug

 Can coffee really make you a better creative artist?

Sometimes we get sucked into believing that everything has to be just right before our creative muse will speak to us. We have to have the right tools, the right amount of time, the right tunes playing, or even the right beverages sitting beside us before we can get to work.

I should probably be telling you that we don’t really need any of these things to do our creative work, and you’d be right — but then again maybe there is something to be said about some of these rituals and habits that help create the right mindset for our creative work.  After all, most of us play upbeat music when we exercise or listen to soothing music when we want to unwind, so why shouldn’t we allow ourselves these valuable mental cues when we create?

This is certainly doesn’t mean that if you run out of your favorite brand of Chai tea, you have every reason to avoid doing anything productive that day.  It just means that the comfort and familiarity that these items can in some way help to balance out the anxiety and fear that comes from facing that blank page or canvas and hoping like hell that today is not the day that it all goes away.

So there’s nothing wrong with having our little rituals and habits as long as they don’t prevent us from doing our work.  So feel free to tuck your lucky pencil behind your ear, but just don’t allow these things (or the lack of them) to keep you from doing what you were meant to do.

Having said that, I think it’s time to grab my lucky blue coffee cup and get a refill!


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