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Waxing the Golden Rule

Waxing the Golden Rule by: Kara Brook The road to hell & litigation is often paved with good intentions I’m an encaustic painter who enjoys sharing what I have learned as I develop my own skills. I’ve found there’s a lot of information on the web, specifically video trailers often linked to a video or […]

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What is a Creative Commons License (and why should I care)? [Video]

“Obscurity is a far greater threat to authors than piracy” ~ Tim O’Reilly . Creative Commons Reference PDF: Creative Commons License Reference Sheet ..(right click and “Save File. .” or “Download Linked File”) Creative Commons License Links: Creative Commons Controversy: What happens when Creative Commons Licensing goes too far?   […]

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Stop stealing my sh*t!

  The internet is great.  With the world wide web we are connected like never before.  News travels almost instantly and communities of like-minded individuals can easily come together and share their passion. Without the world wide web, witty and informative websites like Skinny Artist could never exist. Unfortunately, as many of you already know, […]

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