Creating the Artist not the Art


Tweak!  Tweak!  Tweak! No that’s not the sound of some deranged bird, it’s a creative perfectionist who just doesn’t know when to stop. Just one more… How many times have you said something like this to yourself? “Just one more edit.” “Just one more color.” “Just one more layer.” “Just one more ______  and I’ll […]

5 Strategies Artists Can Use to Overcome Procrastination


  Stop Thinking About It and Start Doing It! By: Dan Johnson You know that feeling when you’re dying to create some epic piece of artwork, but for some reason, it never gets done? As an artist, I get that feeling a lot. Sometimes I have a whole weekend free, and I think I’ll get […]

5 Ways to Rediscover your Art and Reclaim your Passion


So what happened?! Do you remember when you just loved to create? Do you remember that feeling of being lost inside your imagination while the rest of the world dropped away? When exactly did you lose that? When did creating your art become something less than it was supposed to be? As creative artists, we […]