secret of writing

What am I missing? This is the question I always seem to be asking myself. What am I missing? What else do I need to know before I can do this? No matter what I’m trying to do, I never feel ready to get started. Maybe if I read just[…]

The Secret of Writing

Discover where we are heading

We think we know where we are going. After all, we’ve got it all planned out. We’re going to start here, do this, and then we are going to end up here–except it doesn’t. Stuff happen, plans change, and we are forced to adjust. Things may not always work out[…]

We may as well get started…

it has been done before

Sure it’s hard to be original, especially when we are surrounded by millions of websites, products, books, and paintings. Maybe there really is nothing new under the sun and it has all been done before, but that’s okay. We don’t need originality. We don’t really need that one big idea[…]

Yes it’s been done before, but…

let reality be reality

Why do we constantly fight life? Most of us resist change. We hate when things happen in our life that are beyond our control. So we resist, we fight, and we stand our ground. Sometimes, however, we would be far better off if we stopped fighting and simply allowed reality[…]

Let Reality be Reality

trust dreams trust your heart trust your story

It’s not always easy Everyday it seems as if we have people telling us to do more, sleep less, and work harder. Most of us keep running because that’s what we’ve been told to do. We don’t always think about what we are doing or even why we may be[…]

Trust yourself

Waste your life, be an artist

Is it really worth it? Why do we need the arts? I mean, why does anyone bother becoming a writer, an artist, or a poet? We’re not out there building bridges, writing software, or healing the sick — so why do we waste our time creating art when there are so[…]

Are you wasting your life?

If you want to fly give up everything that weighs you down

Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we are working so hard to get what we think we want, that we lose sight of why we wanted it in the first place. We’ve been told that giving up is failure. We’ve been taught to hold on tightly to everything that we have while[…]

If you want to fly…

William Gibson quote

It’s not (always) your fault As creative artists we tend to blame ourselves. Maybe I’m not talented enough…  Maybe I’m not smart enough… Maybe it’s just not meant to be… Now of course there’s something to be said about taking responsibility for your choices and living with the consequences of[…]

Be careful of the company you keep

The True Measure of Thanksgiving

Gratitude is for losers I remember my Dad telling me when I was growing up that I should be grateful for what I have while continuing to work on what I want. At the time, I figured he was just telling me one of those weird Dad things that never really seemed[…]

The True Measure of Thanksgiving

ordinary people extraordinary destiny

We think we know We can’t often see what lies ahead of us. We may think we know, but in reality we’re just guessing. We want to feel like we are in control, that we’re the ones steering the ship. If we do this, we’ll get that. If we go[…]

It’s not about today…

You may not be Picasso or Mozart

It’s okay We may never become the next Picasso, Hemingway, or Mozart — but that’s okay. It’s enough just to create something. To offer the world something it’s never seen before. Your story, your song, or your painting shared with the rest of us. Maybe it will turn out to be[…]

Just Create to Create

If you stumble make it part of the dance

Looking like an idiot Let’s face it, nobody likes to screw up If we had our choice, we would probably avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately that’s not the way the world works. Sooner or later we’re going to make mistakes and things are going to get messy. So the[…]

If you stumble…

You will never influence the world by trying to be like it

We all want to fit in Even though we may not want to admit it, we all want to fit in and be liked. We want to have our creative work noticed and appreciated. In other words, we want to create something that people will like. So we look to[…]

Just Stop Trying

Dont talk just act Don't promise just do

We all like to talk Maybe we simply tell our closest friends and family, or maybe we tell the world in a blog post, either way most of us like to tell people about what we’re going to do. It’s fun to plan, make elaborate visualization boards, or just daydream about[…]

Don’t talk. Just do.

Let go or be dragged

Hold on! How many times have you been told to “hang in there” until things get better? It seems we are constantly being told that quitting or giving up is only for losers and if we can just hold on a little bit longer, we will achieve all of our[…]

Let Go or Be Dragged

Annie Dillard Give it All

Too often we try to protect our creative ideas. We don’t feel like they’re ready to go out into the world, or we’re afraid that someone else might run off with them. We don’t know when we may get another good one, so we hold back. We wait and hold our[…]

Give it All, Give it Now

Your Job is not to judge

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like we know what’s best. Especially once we become parents, it’s natural for us to give advice and try to teach our children right from wrong. The problem is that we start to buy into this idea and expand our judgment to the rest of the[…]

Your Job is Not to Judge

Here is the good here is the bad

Maybe or maybe not Once there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day his horse ran away. When they heard the news, his neighbors came to visit. “Such bad luck,” they said sympathetically. “Maybe,” replied the farmer. The next morning the horse returned, bringing with[…]

This is Life

Quiet people have loudest minds

The perks of being a wallflower For whatever reason, there seems to be this perception in our culture that those who know speak up, while those who don’t stay silent. In other words, the loudest bird not only gets the worm, but it also gets the money, fame, and recognition too.[…]

Speak your Mind

Today I will create

These days it’s far too easy to get distracted. Whether it’s sorting through hundreds of spammy emails, posting updates on Twitter, or  watching adorable cat videos on YouTube — it is way too easy to fall down the endless rabbit hole that we call the internet and not get anything[…]

Create Something Today

choose progress over perfection

Sometimes we can’t let go. We revise, we edit, we touch-up, and we never feel that it’s finished. Maybe we like to think of ourselves as perfectionists, or maybe we’re afraid to finish because then we would have to admit that it’s the best we could do. Once again we’ve fallen[…]

Choose Progress over Perfection

Try and Fail

Nobody likes to screw up. None of us wakes up in the morning and say to ourselves. ‘I really hope today’s the day that I totally ruin this painting or write another blog post that completely sucks!’ We don’t plan to fail, but sometimes it happens and that’s okay. We make mistakes,[…]

Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Just because I give advice

Advice is one of those things that everyone loves to give but nobody likes to take. They also say, however, that there are two ways to learn something — from other people’s experiences or your own.  So unless you have the time and energy to make all the mistakes yourself,[…]

Just because I give advice

There is always a way

Sometimes we lose faith in ourselves. We begin to wonder if anyone out there notices or even cares about what we create. We run into obstacle after obstacle that suggests we’re heading in the wrong direction. But still we create. We do it because something inside of us tells us[…]

There is always a way…

Create is a Verb

Creating isn’t an idea — it’s a verb. It’s about moving forward even when you can’t see where you are going. It’s about doing the things that scare the crap out of you. It’s about putting things together or tearing them apart into something the world has never seen before. Something that[…]

Create is a Verb

You are not a drop in the ocean

Sometimes we get fooled into believing that what we create doesn’t matter. We forget that we are a part of something much larger than ourselves. Although we have been forged by our culture, our family, and our past experiences — our voice is still ours alone. We must learn how[…]

You are larger than life

to begin begin wordsworth quote

  Let’s face it, it’s never a good time to get started. No matter where we are in our life, there will always be a reason to wait.  We need more time, more money, more education, more experience. We tell ourselves that when things slow down, we’ll get started. These[…]

To begin, you just have to begin

Normality is a paved road

Being considered normal is a strange thing (not that I would really know). On one hand, being normal indicates a sense of belonging and membership into a group.  Being normal means that you are in the majority or at least similar to the people you are hanging out with. Normal[…]

Normal is Overrated

Every moment and every event

  Everything you do matters. It may not matter to anyone else, but everything you think and everything you do has the ability to change you — either for the better or worse. As Thomas Merton said, every moment and every event that happens to you, plants something in your[…]

Plant Something in Your Soul

Stop Trying to be Happy

  Sometimes we just try too hard… We try to be perfect. Sometimes we are so busy attempting to get everything done on our to-do list, that we forget why we are doing any of this in the first place. We forget that it’s not always about selling our next[…]

Stop Trying to be Happy

The Artist Never Entirely Knows

100% (not) Guaranteed! When you choose to be a creative artist, there are no guarantees. There are no promises or assurances that our latest project will be a success, but we do it anyway. We are always incomplete. We will never have everything we (think) we need in order to[…]

The Artist Never Entirely Knows

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy

  Nothing good comes from comparing ourself or our creative work with someone else. When you start comparing yourself to others, you end up with two outcomes, neither of them are very helpful to you.  Either you fall into the insidious trap of believing your creative work is inferior to[…]

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

All we have to decide is what to do

  We often spend so much of our day frantically running from place to place trying to check the items off our to-do list, that we forget — We forget that we have a choice. We forget that despite what we may tell ourselves as our exhausted little head hits[…]

All we have to decide

Make Beautiful Things Even If Nobody Cares

  Sometimes it’s difficult impossible to know exactly what our audience wants to read, see, or hear. You can never be sure if what you create is going to connect with your audience, or even if they are going to care.  Especially these days with the instant feedback of sites[…]

Even If Nobody Cares

Discover More Beautiful Things Monet

For those who have the ability to see it, the world around us is bursting with possibilities and beauty. As artists and writers we grab our tools and clumsily try to recreate the image that we see in our mind. However there is far more out there than we will[…]

Bursting with Desire

I own you coffee mug

 Can coffee really make you a better creative artist? Sometimes we get sucked into believing that everything has to be just right before our creative muse will speak to us. We have to have the right tools, the right amount of time, the right tunes playing, or even the right[…]

Chains of Habit

ee cummings quote be yourself

Most of us learn on our first day of school that it’s not always good to stand out — to be seen as different. We quickly learn that the oddballs are shunned and the rule breakers often get punished So do everything we can to blend in, to keep ourselves from[…]

Never Stop Fighting