Does Your Website Suck?


Does your Website Suck?!

Let’s be honest for a moment. . .

Does your current website suck?

Do you frequently suffer from website shame and embarrassment?

Do you sometimes avoid telling people where to find your website because you haven’t updated in over 6 months?

Does it seem like everyone else online has these really cool websites, while you’re still stuck with the same site that your college roommate made for you back in 2008?

Or maybe you don’t even have your own website yet, maybe you’ve been thinking about getting one but you didn’t know where to start.


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we just created a new four-part video series here at Skinny Artist that will give you everything that you’ll need to know in order to create a website that you can be proud of.

In the first video of this series you’ll discover….

  • Who’s really getting the credit for all of your online content
  • The 3 essential building blocks of building your reputation online
  • The difference between owning and “renting” a website from Tumblr or Blogger
  • Why so many people fail to read the fine print and risk losing everything
  • The best way to connect your website visitors to all of your social media accounts
  • Why creating and owning your own website may not be as difficult or expensive as you think


Click the image below to get started on your path to website awesomeness!

Video #1 “Why Do I Need Another Freakin’ Website?!”



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