Why Digital Artists Are (not) Big Fat Liars


Is using technology to create a work of art cheating? Is how we create something really more important than what we create? Does the Medium Matter? by: Alison Huff Is how we create something more important than what we create? Throughout history, art has always reflected the culture of the period it was created in. […]

5 Podcasts to Spark Your Creative Soul


Creative Inspiration to Go by: Rebekah Nemethy If you’re anything like me, you love to learn new things and may wish you had more time to do it. No matter how busy your schedule is, I bet there are plenty of times when you’re on autopilot and your brain could use a little engagement. You […]

Why Creative Artists are Paying the Price

Who Pays Who by Andrew Macdonald

  Who Pays Who? by: Andrew MacDonald When I started out in the arts and craft world over twenty years ago, I don’t think the idea of “artist’s application fees” had been invented. As far as I remember, in order to enter submit a work to an art competition you sent some recent photos and sometimes […]

Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy

Becoming an Archeologist of Joy -- by Niya Christine

When you change one thing, one habit, your whole life changes. Patterns renew and re-chemicalize to meet the new habit   Becoming an Archaeologist of Joy by: Niya Christine In November 2012, in a Seattle Starbucks, I painted a Starbucks cup as fast as I could for fun. And, it was. In fact, it was so […]

How to Take Charge of your Creative Goals

How to Take Charge of your Creative Goals

  Taking Control of your Creative Life by: Michaela Cristallo You’re showing up to the studio every day, you’re making art and you feel like you’re on the right track, but do you ever wonder if you’re making the right kind of progress to get to where you want to be? It’s wonderful to create freely and […]